Isabel Wadsworth - Intern Profile

Here at the Lake Wales Arts Council, we hire exceptional students who are eager to learn about the Non-Profit sector, Community Outreach, and Education. Our internship program is highly interactive and allows students to develop skills that will enable them to better serve others throughout their career.

We asked Isabel Wadsworth about her experience and growth as an intern at the Lake Wales Arts Council.

Enjoy the interview!

What is the most important skill you acquired as a Lake Wales Arts Council intern?

The most important skill I acquired was the ability to coordinate projects on my own. For example, I managed all of the social media platforms for the Arts Council during my internship. I was very fortunate to be interning for an organization that trusted me with important work. I was heavily involved and my efforts were valued.

What is your favorite memory as an intern at the Lake Wales Arts Council?

Throughout my two internships at the Lake Wales Arts Council, my favorite memory was when I completed my first marketing proposal. It was a huge accomplishment for me.

Why do you think internships are important?

They help students build connections, gain experience, and develop skills that employers value. Completing an internship with an organization that invests their time and energy into undergraduate students is so rewarding. I owe all of my expertise and confidence to my involvement with the Lake Wales Arts Council.

How has your internship at the Lake Wales Arts Council helped you in your college career?

After my two internships, I was hired as the Lake Wales Arts Council’s Marketing Coordinator which has allowed me to further develop my communicative and marketing skills. Furthermore, I have been successfully pursuing other internships nation-wide. Being an intern at the Lake Wales Arts Center has propelled me into opportunities I never thought I would come across in college. I am so grateful.

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Isabel Wadsworth