Rylee Hux - Student Profile

The Lake Wales Arts Council is excited to announce that our Summer Classes are now open for enrollment. We asked Rylee Hux, one of our students, about her experience at the Lake Wales Arts Center and her favorite parts of our educational program. We hope you enjoy the interview!


What is the most important skill you have learned as a student at the Lake Wales Arts Center?

Learning how to draw correct lines is very important in my painting and drawing class.

What classes do you take at the Lake Wales Arts Center? 

I’m in the Home-School classes.

How did you hear about the classes offered at the Arts Center? 

My mom found out about the classes on Facebook.


What class do you like the most?

My favorite class is Painting and Drawing.

Who is one of your favorite instructors and why? 

Ms. Suzie is my favorite teacher. She is my favorite teacher because she is funny and we do really cool things in her class. I have learned a lot

What is your most memorable art piece from your classes? For example, was there a painting or musical performance that made you really proud? 

My favorite piece of art is my mountain range because we had to learn how to draw it with value.

To learn more about the classes we are offering this summer, click here!

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