Sandy's Music girl

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The Arts Council also provides administrative support for the Music Girl Scholarship Fund. Sandy’s Music Girl Scholarship is a project of the Arts Council created by Steve Morrison to remember his late wife, Sandy Greer Morrison, who lost her battle with cancer in March 2014. “Sandy was all about music, it was her life, and she was a very compassionate person,” says Morrison, who started performing with his wife in the 1980s. “I just wanted to provide girls a chance to develop their creativity and self-esteem. Sandy loved kids but never had any of her own. Some of the girls we’re helping now with the scholarship were her friends and were influenced by her and are carrying on her legacy.”
It all started when the focus of the Music Girl is to help girls develop the vocal, instrumental, and dance skills necessary to perform traditional music like folk, bluegrass, country, blues, and Americana. There are eight girls to whom the scholarship fund provides lessons, instruments, mentors, attendance at music camps, or whatever they need to continue their growth in music. Funding for the Music Girl Scholarship come from donations and benefit concerts.